Middle Of The Week Thoughts 10/6

Right now I am sitting at my iPad with a nice, warm mug of coffee, and plesant thoughts in my mind. The luck I hold in my life blows my mind. I am extremely fortunate to have a great and honest man in my life. Nick, my husband has been mentioned time and time again throughout my blog posts. I hope he doesn’t mind me bringing him in as a featured person in today’s post.

I have been drilling how I want to start the next chapter of my new novel I’m writing. Sadly, I still can’t get the second chapter going. I was stuck and had no idea where to take it. Although, the way things ended up that may have been some sign that I honestly wasn’t ready to move on with the story. I’m doing my best to not write each chapter in a rush. I think I’ll write a chapter, catch needed edits, and then move on with the story. I know when I get to the end of writing this new novel I might be too excited to review the piece properly to catch minor problems I made while writing. It’s best for me to catch the problems early on so I don’t read it through with a blind mind.

When Nick listened to how I was stuck with moving on to the next chapter, he asked me to email him a copy of my first chapter so he could read through it and give me an honest opinion. (I also emailed the chapter to my sister-in-law because she loved reading my first novel, Curse Under The Moon. I knew she couldn’t wait to read my new book. I sent it out to a couple of other family members, as well). I was a bit hesitant to send the chapter to Nick. What if he holds back his comments and edits as not to hurt my feelings? Boy, was I wrong! He used the edit feature available in Microsoft Word and made several comments on possible adjustments I may need to make before I even think about sending it to a publisher. Funny, the one man I thought would hold back his opinions actually made some of the best edits. It’s a high recommendation from me to ask a person you trust to do something like this. I plan to have several people read through my book before I mail it off to possible publishers. I think it’s a good plan for me, and other authors, to allow others to read their “finished” pieces so we can be sure some people enjoy it before the book is thrown out to the public. It’s never a guarantee they’ll catch everything needing attention, but they’ll catch the things we might miss!

I think I’m going to read through his edits today or maybe tomorrow so I can fix the problems he caught. That means moving on to Chapter Two will have to wait a bit longer. Of course, I also have some awesome Fall decor I need to finish because Fall is quickly moving past us!  These three pieces are those pieces I am currently working on. I know the gray “in all things…” canvas painting is my favorite. It appears there will be a lot of work ahead of me for my writing side and my art side, also.

Check out my finished pieces for sale here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShelbyBoydeArt

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