Research Update 3

I didn’t get solid facts over the weekend through research, but upon talking with my husband I realized a general direction I want to take my story. That means I’ll finally be able to work on chapter two! My newest idea features an FBI agent and that’s been my main focus on my studies. Learning whatever I can about the FBI so my story is as close as possible to being realistic for readers. Chapter one is a slight dip into the past featuring one of the main characters. It was a way for me to slightly introduce the main man living his life as an FBI agent. I can proudly say it was written very well and I am amazingly pleased with how it turned out. The only problem was after I wrote the first chapter, I was stuck on how to explain what happened to him before the main time of the story. I didn’t want to go on for several more chapters explaining the years leading up to the book’s present time. That would bore my readers, and myself if I were to be honest.

Thankfully, reasearch doesn’t mean burying myself behind books or staring at the computer all day. I chose to share my problem with Nick. Luckily, he is a smart man and listened to me explain possible ways I could take the novel. As we spoke, I learned I didn’t really need more research. All I needed to do was sit down and clean up the idea in my head so it made sense. Talking helped me organize my mind and now I know where my new novel is going. Sometimes authors have too much stored up there and we should talk about it or write everything down so we can clear our minds. 

If an author has figured out where to take their novel, I think research is still a good action for authors to make. It shouldn’t become an obsession to research every week, but every now and again would be good because this world is always learning something new. Besides, gaining knowledge is a great way to find a bit of motivation to make something grand happen in our own lives or in the lives we create. We never know when that one fact will inspire us to make a top seller!

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