Middle Of The Week Thoughts 9/28

For many reasons, my thoughts are vey scattered today. This is a fact I constantly deal with. Some days it’s frustrating and other days it’s exciting because these moments are often the times I come up with the most clever poltlines or a cute painting to work on. I think it would be fair to say a creative mind can be great just as often as it can be discouraging.

Since I am an author/artist it is great for my mind to be a bit over the top with it’s creative aspect. The crazy thoughts I get could be placed into a story or a bright idea might become a beautiful piece of art. It’s great to think the crazy thoughts we all hold may have a place to go. The hardest part is thinking up where to direct those thoughts. Even the real world can play into a creative idea coming to life.

Once upon a time, I thought about how my husband, Nicholas is a scientist and works with crazy chemicals all the time. He runs experiments and tests out new theories frequently. (Not sure if theory is the correct term for it). His experiments can range from full success to a complete flop. I’ve heard the stories and understood maybe a third of what he has said in each, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Bringing up my husband is bringing up another idea that popped into my head. It was around Halloween and I was super excited for my favorite holiday to reach us. Nicholas was talking on and on about science and I was only thinking of our anniversary coming up. We started dating on Halloween, so it’s still a big holiday for us even after we’ve been married for almost two years. Anyway, as he was talking an image of him doing experiments on another person popped into my head. I couldn’t allow myself to think he would truly experiment on another person, but novels and movies have twisted my thoughts to the evil possibility behind our scientific community. Not that all of them would do bad, though. As he spoke, an image popped into my head and I couldn’t let it die.

What if a scientist did an experiment on a pumpkin and it turned out to be a success?! Some genius turned a pumpkin into a living woman. Oh, it’s grand how far I could take the story! It brewed in my head for a little while before I could decide what to do with it. I’m not sure what told me to drop the story trait and take up the drawing.

But that’s what I did. The image of the scientist resting on the couch is similar to my husband and the woman in the orange outfit is drawn similar to my own image. It could be passed off as a couple dressed up for a Halloween party, or it could be the image of a scientist’s end with a successful experiment turning a pumpkin into a woman. It’s a fun idea. Even now the ideas of their story are brewing in my mind. Tomorrow I may even dive deeper into their fun tale and share it with my followers as a new Thursday Tiny Tale. Ideas and possibilities are endless! In my opinion, there’s a lot of work I could have done to improve this drawing, but all in all I am happy to say the image gets across and it’s cute.

See? That’s the great thing about having a creative mind. A person with a creative mind holds the ability to create something more magical for this world. Even if the talent with art isn’t there, a person could always pick up a pencil or type their ideas out on a computer. The big goal all of us should have is to never let an idea fade into the background. It might never be a thing we look at ever again, but there’s always a chance. The possibility to make a thought into a grander thing is always there!

As I wrote earlier, there are some negative factors playing into a creative mind. I often struggle with focusing on things from time to time and that makes completing tasks a bit more difficult for me. Whenever I’m actually writing out a new chapter for my book I have to be alone, without music playing, and nothing around to distract me. It’s hard to eliminate all distractions, but the more I move out of my way the more of a success the process is. That’s why I turned our spare bedroom into my own “work” room. Although, if I were to be honest I’d say right now it’s mostly storing all of my completed and in progress art pieces. I know once I get my novel idea sorted out and the plan created then I’ll be able to make that room my go-to place everyday. I can’t wait until that time finally reaches me!

All I wrote in this post is hopefully encouraging for all others out there. If your an author, an artist, a chief, an accountant, or a business owner it’s never wrong to have a creative idea. Heck, think up the right idea and you could possibly get rights to the idea and sell it for a profit on your part. I can’t guarantee that’s a grand idea, but the option is there for us. This world needs creative people to keep the color alive. I encourage all of us to keep scribbling down the silly thoughts so we can have it on paper for a future endeavor. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next J.K. Rowling! (I have Harry Potter on my brain again thanks to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I love it!) So pick up your pencils and scribble out those ideas! Maybe you’ll publish your own book soon.

All three of these books are in reading order from left to right. The swirl below the books is the marking of the Lyall Pack I created on my own. (The background and wolf are clips found on Goofle image search).

The links unbove are in reading order of the Lyall Pack Series. Check them out! 

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