Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany

I will start out this review with a simple warning about this review… I love J.K. Rowling’s abilities as an author and I have fully enjoyed all of Harry Potter’s adventures since I first dove into the books back in third grade. But my enjoyment did have its limits. I wasn’t obsessive over the series and I never reached an over-the-top need to know everything about all the bits and pieces of Harry Potter. I loved the books, enjoyed the movies, and goofed around with a couple of games. But that’s about the strength of my love. And I think that is enough for other readers to understand this will not be a strict and in-depth review, but rather a friendly review of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

I won’t lie, when I first heard about this novel becoming a thing I wasn’t sure if it was a true story or just a silly rumor someone created. Then I began to see more and more people talk about it online. Eventually, I gave in and looked into one of the links through a Facebook ad, or something of the sort. When I began reading I learned the book was a real thing I was pumped. I couldn’t wait to learn where the play would take my favorite characters’ lives. Wait, play?!

When I read it was going to be written as a play I was almost ready to break into tears. How could they possibly imagine to get all of the intense moments out to the readers as a play? Then it hit me, a play’s main focus is the audience watching the show. If I really wanted to enjoy this novel I knew I would have to abandon the novel writing style of J.K. Rowling for the acceptance of a script style by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany. To be honest, that was the weirdest thing to wrap my head around. I couldn’t imagine such a discriptive author writing a play. In a play format there are some discriptions told, but not many. A lot of the story is left up for the actors/actresses to portray. I wasn’t sure how it would be done successfully, but I am happy to say it was done with five stars from me!

Yes, I wasn’t told every detail every second through the play, but I was told just enough to create the image in my mind. I knew what the characters looked like based upon the discriptions provided at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, so I could imagine what their new faces would look like as the time in their story progressed. It was written so our favorite characters could be seen making actions as they spoke. The hardest part was following along with the way the play began jumping around in the timeline of the tale. I won’t say much, but the play moves from the present and into the past many times through their latest adventures. It was a little difficult for me to follow along the fist couple times it happened, but eventually I was able to understand what was going on. I think the best part of the story would be the many times I was laughing out loud because I could see Ron behaving like a fool with Hermione calling him out on whatever he may have said or done. The image was very easy for me to see even with them no longer being the young wizards and witches from Hogwarts. My favorite characters were very close to how I imagine they would end up being. I think Harry ended up being a bit more mature than I wanted to imagine he would become. Although, his personality did make sense considering all he went through. Their latest adventures seemed to be well-planned. I enjoyed teaming up with my favorite trio as well as all the new faces for a final run.

I would recommend other readers to take into consideration the writing style of this novel before they dive into buying the book. It is not fully correct to title this piece as a novel like I have already done a couple times. Only because it was written as a script for a play. This style calls for a lot of imagination and the willingness of the readers to read deeper into the tale. The story is enjoyable without a doubt, but not everyone will like it. For some it might be best to borrow the book from a friend rather than spending money on it if you don’t think you’ll enjoy the style enough to pick it up more than once. I do believe I will have no trouble reading this again. I would love to see the script performed! (But I’m not going to be too crazy with those thoughts. I’m only a simple woman in Nashville.)


My Raiting: *****

I did finish reading this in one day so that’s a positive show for this piece, right? Ha ha!


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