Holding A Book Vs. Downloading The Pages

This morning I have done a bit of research towards the different methods provided to us for reading. We all know the growing popularity of eBooks. It wouldn’t be too crazy to think someday our world may work towards abandoning paperback novels all together. But would that be a wise move for this world to make? The more I have read about this oncoming change the more I am leading towards this being a bad move on our part. I’ll share some of the research I’ve gathered about the good and the bad behind eBooks.

The Way You Read Could Be Damaging Your Health

Reading is a great way for the young and elderly people of this world to improve or maintain a positive side of their health. But the way you read could also have an impact on your mental and physical health. There is a long list behind the factor of a paperback being better in the long run rather than reading off an eBook. A lot of research was done and Medical Daily provides a full page dedicated to the truth behind the need for our world to ditch the electronic age of reading for the classic feeling of holding a solid novel. Read up the strong facts they gathered to support their research in the link provided earlier.

EBook Readers Retain Less Than Paperback Readers

Researchers in Europe completed a study between the memory of those reading eBooks to those reading the paperback books. Their study was done on 50 subjects. The results gathered from their study showed a promising result towards reading a paperback novel over downloading the pages. The researcher, Anne Mangen stated, “When you read on paper you can sense with your fingers a pile of pages on the left growing, and shrinking on the right.” Her statement shares the visual cue is more rewarding when we can see and feel the progress physically in our own hands. Read more of what this researcher had to say on the website link provided by CBC.

The Future May Still Have Us Reading From Paper Over Electronics

May of us thought by now most of our paperback novels would be tossed aside in place of the electronic age. EBooks were thought to have taken over our world and paper would be abandoned. Opinions have varied but a good amount of people lean more towards the enjoyment behind holding a book in their hands over downloading the pages on their phone. Once again, Anne Mangen’s studies were brought into discussion into Brandon Keim’s page shared on the website Wired. He shared his use of both paperback and electronic books, but stated more pros towards the paper versions of these novels. His words share more life still held into the action of holding a book in our hands.

Studies Disagree On A Student’s Ability To Gather Better On Kindles Or Paper

A lot of the studies done have show more of a progress towards a student’s ability to recall events from a paperback novel over reading off a Kindle book. With the different studies done it wouldn’t be too surprising to assume tossing aside the eBooks would be better for this world to keep moving forward. If students are having an easier time remembering things typed onto a paperback page in their hands rather than an electronic book on their Kindle then what is there to question? Well, The Digital Reader has done a bit of research on the studies done and the facts gathered are not very promising for those very experiments. With what they gathered it would be safe to say there’s no need to abandon hope for the digital age of novels just yet.


In My Opinion…

I think it would be foolish for us to believe paperback novels will remain in our world forever. Things change and most of the time those changes are for the better. We have grown in this world by adapting with the new factors in our lives. I understand it won’t be an easy change and no doubt it won’t be a cheap adjustment to make, but it’s going to happen no matter if we love it or hate it.

I truly believe eBooks will become more of a positive factor in our lives than some others believe. It could be people don’t like the change because they hate the way technology is taking over our lives. Or they fear the enjoyment behind holding a novel in their hands will soon be lost to the clicks of a button. But the ease and adjustments available from holding a book in my phone outweighs many of these factors for me. I know books aren’t fading away anytime soon, but when they do we will have to simply deal with it. Our world was able to get used to driving 50 MPH down the road in fancy cars so i think it shouldn’t be too much of a struggle to get used to tapping our phones to enjoy a good book. It’s a change that I do believe will occur and I know it won’t be an easy change for all.


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