Thursday Tiny Tale 1

Whenever we hear tale we often think about the fairy tales of the princess and prince quality. True, I happen to love those stories and can say there is a high chance they may appear in my Thursday Tales. But it will not be lovey and sweet every time. I am writing short stories to help broaden my abilities and test out my strength and push forward my weaknesses. All and all, Thursdays will from now on be a chance to make my writer self better. I may give little introductions like this from time to time but I do believe more often than not I’ll simple post a story and that’s all. With all that being shared, I now hope you enjoy my latest tale idea!


When A Thug Gives You A Smile

Dannie smiled as the front door of the dentist’s office opened to welcome in the latest patient. The man before her was dressed in a pair of black jeans, leather boots, a thick leather jacket, and a worn down t-shirt underneath. He was nothing more than the usual type of people Dannie saw stepping into Dr. O’Hare’s office in the later hours of the day. Dr. O’Hare was a saving grace for the crowd of people most others felt intimidated or hesitant to be around. After working for the doctor for well over a year’s time, Dannie had grown used to the crowd and even felt largely comfortable around a majority of them.

“Good evening, Mr. Quint,” she greeted and moved to her feet. The motion was a move needed to be made for only a couple of reasons. First, she wanted to stand so she could reach through the small opening of the bulletproof glass to shake the friendly man’s hand. She also stood so she could gather the notes the doctor had taken on the few prior visits Mr. Quint had made to the facility.

“Mister?” he laughed and shook his head in an awkward motion. “You know I’m only a couple years older than you, right?”

“You know it’s my job as a secretary to show all of our clients respect, right?” Dannie said in a sarcastic tone mocking his words.

“Ah, just call me Justin,” he said with another chuckle and a touch of pink on his cheeks. Out of all the men ever to step foot into Dr. O’Hare’s office Justin was her favorite by far. He was always giving her a smile and often gave her a reason to laugh. Dannie had seen many people bounce around between doctors based on prices or for some unknown shady reason or other. It was rare for one man in the darker area of the streets to settle down with a single action. It was even more rare for these men to see the same doctor over and over again.

“Well, Justin, what brings you into the office tonight?” Dannie asked as she skimmed through the notes on his most recent checkup. “You  saw Dr. O’Hare only two months ago. That means it’s obviously not time for a yearly checkup.”

Justin gave a guilty smile and scratched the back of his head. The motion was similar to that of a child being caught stealing an extra cookie from the dessert plate. It was cute enough to almost make Dannie’s smile turn guilty. It was far from her place to find the customers they dealt with cute in any way.

“I was just released from an overnight hold this morning after a drunk fight last night,” he said and let out a sigh. “In the middle of the fight the bastard punched me so hard I flew into a brick wall, crushed my face, and chipped a tooth. I thought I would be able to ignore it, but it’s starting to become too painful to function. I was hoping the doc would have an opening to see me tonight.”

“You’re in luck,” Dr. O’Hare said as he stepped into the space behind Dannie’s chair. “I don’t have anything else scheduled for the rest of the night. Let’s get you in the back room on the right and see what I have to help you out.”

Dannie met Justin’s eyes one more time before he stepped away. Dr. O’Hare placed his hand on her shoulder and gave her a gentle squeeze. It was a slightly odd motion, but she could only assume it was done in a fatherly gesture. He was a kind man and gave her a job when no one else would. The dentist stepped away and Dannie returned to facing her desk. She zoned out as she thought through the tragedies in her life.

After her father’s death from a sudden heart attack she was left along with her mother and older sister. Dannie was already twenty-four and worked part time at a local gas station. It was closer to the main city and allowed her the opportunity to see how people with money lived their lives. While at her old job It was easy for her to imagine she wasn’t the dirty woman living in a tiny one bedroom apartment with her struggling family. The ease of her life quickly came to an end when her mother finally got mixed up too deep with the wrong man. He was a well-known drug dealer and paid her the right price for a bit of fun most nights. Dannie wasn’t sure what crime her mother saw go down, but whatever she did see brought on her mother’s end. Her at the time lover had his gang end her mother’s life. After the woman’s death all of the answers were thrown at her feet. The only reason they managed to get by in the decent apartment they had was because they had connections to a big name in the drug community. The moment that connection was severed was the moment Dannie was kicked to the street with her older sister. That action was only the beginning towards the end of her mediocre life.

It only took a couple days for her big sister, Misty to find her own man to get lost with. He was no better than their mother’s killer and Dannie couldn’t put up with watching another member of her family killed. She abandoned her sister and chose living her life on the streets rather than a home supplied by antother druggie. 

Dr. O’Hare opened his new dentistry to help those struggling to get by only a short time after Dannie started being on her own. His NOW HIRING ad on his window caught Dannie’s eyes and she took the chance to get the job. At some point during the interview the dentist seemed to fall under her charm. He hired her directly after the scheduled interview and even bought her a couple sets of proper clothes to wear on the job. It only took a bit of patience for Dannie to catch on to the ways life worked as a secretary and she loved it. The fatherly appearance of her boss was an obvious bonus.

Her secretary hours were split up with a couple other kind women. They each worked at least four hours every time they were scheduled. For some unknown reason, Dr. O’Hare wanted to provide as cheap a service as possible to his clients so anyone could keep up with the health of their teeth. His office hours were also a little odd in comparison with most other offices. In the morning he was open from six AM until ten AM. Then the office closed for a couple hours. This closed time allowed for him to take a lunch and provided plenty of time for his other employees to make it in for the secretary position. At four PM the office opened for another four hours. Dannie did find his timing odd, but she knew it would be foolish to ask about it and risk losing her job. It worked for the locals and she wasn’t complaining about only needing to work four hours at a time. She didn’t make a lot of money with the timing, but she made enough.

“Take a pill before bed and keep the others on you during the day,” Dr. O’Hare said as he stepped out with Justin by his side. “You can take the pain medicine as needed as long as you allow around four hours between a dosage.”

“Thanths,” Justin said. Dannie looked up to see his bottom lip hanging slightly at the corner of his mouth. It seemed as if some surgery was done and therefore novicaine must have been used. Justin stepped towards the glass as the doctor held out a bill to be rung up.

“Go ahead and knock off the visit fee,” he said as he pointed to the usual fifteen dollar fee charged for a patient coming in for any procedure. “It was a pretty quick fix and I think our loyal customer deserves a gift.”

“Sure,” she said and crossed off the charge from the bill with her red pen. She calculated up the new charge and smiled up at Justin as he took out his wallet. Deep down she wanted to believe Justin wasn’t in the darker parts of town because of his own doings. Maybe he was thrown into the ugly life by no choice of his own just as she had been. “Your new total is only going to be forty-five dollars, si…Justin.”

He smirked at her slip of almost addressing him with a proper title and shook his head. He took out a few bills from his wallet and looked back towards the hallway where Dr. O’Hare had disappeared. As he nibbled on his bottle lip, Dannie couldn’t even begin to imagine the thoughts running though his mind. Rather than sharing those dancing ideas he shook his head and turned around. Before he rushed out the door he wished her a goodnight. His actions were cute in a way as if he was hiding something embarrassing from her. The blushing of his cheeks and the awkward feelings screamed out. She wanted to chase after him and dig up whatever his secrets were.

Dannie let out a sigh and shook her head. It wasn’t likely anything good to come from chasing after a man in leather riding a fancy Harley. How could a man struggling to get by even afford a Harley? She had seen his motorcycle a couple times. She didin’t know a whole lot about the beast he drove. What she did know told her there was probably a lot more to Justin Quint than meets the eye. Probably another nasty man she didn’t need to get involved with.

“Finally time to close up for the night,” Dr. O’Hare said as he stepped into the doorway of the greeting area where Dannie sat. He watched her with a simple smile as she let out a slow breath and slouched in her chair. Some days seemed so much longer than most. For some reason the encounter with Justin made it all seem that much weirder. “What’s on your mind?”

“Oh nothing,” Dannie said with a wave of her hand. She smiled up at him and reached below her desk to pick up her purse. She placed the tacky leather bag on her shoulder then moved towards the doorway holding Dr. O’Hare. When she was close enough towards the doctor he made his first move in her direction. It was a very unexpected move and was fast enough to make Dannie let out a squeak. Dr. O’Hare looked into her eyes with an evil smile on his face as he slammed her body against the room’s bare wall. “Doctor! What are you doing?”

“I know you don’t have a lot of schooling under your belt, but I think you can connect the dots to what’s going on,” he said as he reached between their bodies to fiddle with the buckle of her belt. “I’ve been ever so patient with you. I’ve taken the proper steps and placed before you the proper clues. I guess there never was any hope for us, but the desire soon grew too hot to ignore. I want you, Dannie! And it’s time I make you mine!”

Dr. O’Hare threw Dannie from his arms and directly onto the floor. He stalked her way like a hawk in wait of it’s prey to take it’s final breath. His smile was sinister and his breathing rough. There was much more evil in his eyes than Dannie ever thought possible of the kind man. Tears threatened to fall as she thought through the sadness and terrors thrown though her life. Before the first salty tear could drop a loud crash was heard in the pacient’s waiting room.

“Hold it right there, Dr. O’Hare!” a loud and sturdy voice shouted from the area the crash had been heard. “I am an officer of the NYPD and I am here to put you under arrest for assulting Miss Dannie Wilsons. The rest of my team will be coming any second to take you in and search your building for any other threatening items.”

Dannie remained frozen in her position on the floor with her arms still clutched to her chest. Tears fell from her eyes freely without her making a single sound. It was hard to believe how she had been saved and how it all went down. Shortly after a couple of officers led Dr. O’Hare away in handcuffs the officer who had broken down the office door stepped into the open doorway to show himself.

“Hey there, Dannie,” he said and her mouth dropped open. The oddly rich thug known to her as Justin Quint stood in the doorway with a gun held carefully in his right hand. His usual smile appeared as he stepped into the room. He carefully placed his gun on the main counter before he held out his free hand. “I bet you have a lot of questions.”

“You…are you a cop?” she asked before she took his hand.

“Yes,” he answered directly. “My team has been spying on the doctor and a few of his friends as they have been working to traffic women through the city. They haven’t gotten too large as of yet, but there was a chance he was going to start making some bigger claims on better women. Such as his beautiful secretary.”

Dannie looked away from his smiling eyes as he pulled her to her feet. She held tightly to her purse and looked over to the gun resting by the office’s notes. It felt to her as if it would run away if she dared to take her eyes off the weapon.

“Dannie, I can’t imagine there’s much left in this office for you, right?” Justin asked as he approached the desk again. He picked up the gun and placed it into a holster hidden on his body. It amazed her how the hard studies of his body never revealed the truth to his weapon to her before. The sudden heat in the room told Dannie how red her thoughts were making her face appear.

“I imagine the office will be closed,” she said and followed Justin outside. He bobbed his head as if he couldn’t speak a direct answer. “Then I’ll have to get another job so I can keep myself from drowning in this life I’ve built myself into.”

“Well, your current situation isn’t entirely all your fault,” he said. A sigh left his mouth in response to the step Dannie took away from him. “I’m an officer of the law and I had to know what all was involved. We have been following this man for a while and we needed to know all the people in his life. I read your history and I know things were mostly thrown on you. The more I read the more I grew impressed.” Dannie looked up into his eyes with amazement. “You could have let all of the things in your past drag you down, but instead you rose above them. I have no doubt abandoning your family to be on your own wasn’t easy, but it was a choice you had to make. And if you would be willing to let fate take another turn I have an offer to make for you.”

“An offer?”

“Yes. From the first time I met you I was hooked. You have an innocence about you and a beauty you probably don’t even see. The only problem you face is not having the chances to get things straightened up. I’m not the greatest catch in the world and you know almost nothing about me because everything you may have thought you knew was a lie, but I have an offer. Get away from this dirty life and be with me,” he said and before she could respond in anyway he continued to speak in a quick ramble of words. “I’m not saying anything too large and I won’t ask for you to do anything you’re not ready for. I have a nice sized home and a spare room meant for guests. I rarely have people over so turning it over to you would be no problem. I know you worked a part time job at a gas station before. I have ways with the locals so I should be able to get you a job without a problem.”

“Justin!” Dannie yelled. His body stopped walking right with his words after her yell. He looked down to her with worried eyes. She gave him a small smile and took his hand. “I’ve never ridden on a motorcycle before so you might have to deal with a hold much tighter than you’re used to feeling.”

“Are you saying you’ll move in with me?”

“Tomorrow we can go to my little place and see what I need to do to break off the lease,” she said and pulled his hand up to her lips. She kissed his knuckles. “I can’t promise an easy romance, but it could be fun.”

“It could be fun?! I love it!” Justin yelled out before he picked her up off the ground and spun her in his arms. As he brought her down she took the nerve to make the attack first. Dannie kissed him with a kiss much softer than he ever expected. Everything he accomplished for his team while living his thug life was nothing compared to the happiness he was about to do his best to give the young woman in his arms.

I really hope you enjoyed this tiny tale! It was a little fast since I didn’t want to make it too long, but I could see a very interesting story written about these two. Maybe I’ll come back and clean it up to write more about their lives or maybe it will simple remain a tiny tale. I think some moments in this story are a bit of a stretch, but since it’s fictional then that’s okay, right? If you liked this then I hope you stick around for whatever tale I write up for you next Thursday!

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