Middle Of The Week Thoughts 9/21

I was going to have Wednesdays be the days I tell funny stories about myself on this adventure of becoming an author! The only problem is I can’t really think of a commical story to share today. Not because I haven’t had anything funny happen, rather I can’t share a story because I didn’t write anything down. As moments happen I do my very best to hold them towards my memory, but sometimes I just can’t keep them there. That’s fine and I’ve gotten use to my weak memory. Even as I try to use my brain injury as an excuse I know the truth. Some people simply have a poor ability to hold on to memories.

I am talkng about memory in my writing blog because it plays a crucial part of writing a novel. An author must remember when things have happened and plan out when they want other events to occur. This is why sometimes it’s good to keep a notebook or separate document saved on your computer so you can write down key factors you don’t wish to forget as you write your tale. Of course, if you don’t want to write stuff down it is just as easy to go back and read through your finished bits to find out the truth. Everyone has their own method. Honestly, it’s pretty ironic I am talking about memory on today of all days. 

Today’s date is the key factor towards my memory topic. Six years ago today me and my younger sister were sent through a tragic car accident. A large mack truck blew a tire and swerved over our car. I was the driver and my sister was the passenger. I did not want to talk much about this accident through my author blog, but I think it is something I should mention for anyone facing their own struggles.

Life isn’t always a piece of cake and it often throws us challenges we don’t always want to face. I won’t play the blind eye there, but it is our job to push through it. If your computer breaks down grab a notebook, if you get an idea away from your writing materials type a note on your phone, if you have a terrible accident don’t give up. I pushed through all my broken bones and the bleeds in my brain healed up. Once things were pieced back together as well as they could be I got back to my dream!

Before my accident I was chasing a false idea I wanted to be a high school English teacher. I won’t lie, that would have been a terrible idea. In a way, the car accident gave me the gift of courage to jump on the writing wagon once again and chase my dreams. It’s hard to believe I made it happen, but I made it a true thing! Even after a traumatic brain injury. So don’t give up and do whatever you can to take down your challenges! Use my story as a bit of motivation to keep writing. We only get one life so do what you gotta do to make it worth it!

This image of me at the Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh

This is an up to date image of myself after the accident

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