What Am I Doing?

I have been trying to figure out the best way to keep up with my blog and hold as much attention for my page as possible. I mean, I created this to have “followers” so it’s my job to make it worth following, right? I am posting random bits of my life as an author for others to read and I truly believe people have enjoyed many of my posts. Sadly, it just doesn’t feel like enough. Too often I feel like I’m slacking off with the page I own and I’ve had enough. I’m going to create a schedule and stick to it!

The biggest problem I have with creating a schedule is the similar feeling my schedule could create to my once checkout job. But I truly believe my love for writing will make this more enjoyable than standing behind a register. Here is a list to let you see how my schedule will appear for you.

  • Monday- Research Update: On Mondays I will share little bits of what I learn pertaining to the subject my next book will be about. If I slacked on the job then I may not have an update provided, but with this schedule I’m hoping the slacking will soon disappear.
  • Wednesday- Funny stories. On Wednesdays I’ll try to share a comical story. This could be a story from my past that brought me to who I am and what I’m doing today. Or this could be a story of what happened recently that I find hilarious. It will be hard to keep up with this topic only because sometimes it’s hard to find a reason to laugh, but that’s why I’m doing this! About time I found some happiness to focus on, huh?
  • Thursday- Thursday Tiny Tale. I often get little ideas that pop into my head I find entertaining. These are ideas which could very easy be clipped into a short story for my viewers, or a “tiny tale” to feature. I can’t say if these stories will be very long or very exciting, but this will give me the chance to test out some ideas to see if it might be possible to delve into the idea further. Or it could just be a bit of writing needed to get thoughts out of my mind that are distracting me from my bigger plans. 
  • Friday- News In Reading. On Fridays I will begin to feature little bits I’ve learned about other authors, the writing community, or any topic in reading. Interesting bits and pieces I think are important for the writing/reading crowd.

This is a very lose idea and it’s not set in stone. Of course, I don’t have plans listed for every day of the week. It does not mean I won’t post on other days or more than one post on a certain day. This is simply an idea for something to build upon. I may end up trashing the idea in a couple weeks or making adjustments. I think this is a good start to get my mind more focused on my writing and sharing updates with all of you! What do you think?

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