Best Actions For A Stuck Author

In my previous post I discussed being stuck after writing chapter one of my latest novel. (If you haven’t read it you should check it out here: Why Can’t I Move Past Chapter One?!) A big problem I face with this is I’m not writing out an outline for the story. With this being a mystery/paranormal/romance novel I am taking a big risk not building up a step-by-step plan. Even if I won’t be writing an outline, I do plan to keep notes as I write down important facts. Maybe I will list clues and moments in the order as they happen. I haven’t gotten to any major key points in the main storyline so it’s still in the air for what I will end up doing. Since I’m stuck I figured there’s only one thing for me to do. Think ahead!

Usually, when I am stuck with my writing I turn to my second career as an artist and let my mind flow towards this side of my life. (Check out my finished pieces on Etsy here: ShelbyBoydeArt). This all fine in the end but it’s really a stinker since it’s so beautiful outside! Living in Nashville makes the high temperature last for a long time compared to the Ohio life I once lived, so it would be silly to always trap myself inside when the cold season is only a couple months away, right? It would be great to sit out on the back porch and relax with the nice weather but there are some factors holding me back from doing so. I can’t work on my art because I’m working on a lot of paint projects. If I take my paint out in this weather it becomes tacky and eventually it dries up. That, my friends is a total waste of money. Therefore, if I want to work on the style of art most of my followers like (paintings and polymer clay projects), I have to be inside. I have an extension cord to allow my use of my laptop outside without the risk of losing its charge. But I don’t know if the high heat is really good for my laptop. What ever will I do?!

I’ll brainstorm.

Sure, I’m not planning to write an outline but I do need to think ahead. My novel is going to be a murder mystery so I need to plan out how the mystery shall unfold. I can’t go into the tale fully blind because it would risk missing a chance to drop a clue or provide an important factor to the motive. I still have to plan out the tale to get things done right. At this point, I believe my best action is to sit outside in the beautiful weather and think up every detail that pops in my mind I may not use every factor, but if I write it down I won’t have to worry about forgetting an awesome idea I thought up. Because I’ve done that too much already and I can’t let anything else slip!

If you’re stuck as an author take a break but keep a pencil and some paper with you. We all know ideas pop up in the most random of times. 

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