Why Can’t I Move Past Chapter One?!

I have published three novels, Curse Under The MoonJump Over The Sun, and Hidden In The Stars to complete The Lyall Pack Series. For the most part, each book was easy for me to write. The Lyall Pack series was a young adult romance with a bit of magic dashed into the stories. It is a style I feel extremely comfortable with because I read novels based around the genre all the time. The ease towards this really gave me a boost with continuing to write. I couldn’t wait to take on my latest idea.

Sadly, my latest idea is proving to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. Without spoiling details, I’ll simply say I’m pushing together three genres of writing. Paranormal, romance, and mystery. Tossing all three of those genres together is a risky move on my part. Why? Well, I’ll provide a list of reasons.

  1. I have never taken on much in the paranormal style of writing. My writing style is mostly in the romantic fantasy style. I would be willing to say fantasy and paranormal could be similar, but I know it’s not identical. There are factors I need to consider and details I’ll have to research. How much freedom do I have with this genre?
  2. Mystery novels include a lot of thinking ahead. This includes; when to spill clues or when to hold them back, when should wonder be created for the characters and readers, and how much will be learned in each chapter? A ton of puzzle pieces needing to be placed together correctly, I suppose.
  3. Dedicating enough time towards each genre. It may seem silly but I don’t want to list my novel as these three styles without including enough of each. I don’t want to say my novel is paranormal and only mention a simple sighting of a ghost and nothing is done with the ghost again. That wouldn’t fully classify my novel as paranormal. I can’t claim a romance novel simply because two characters only exchange a kiss or hold hands after dinner. I want to develop feelings and create the tension between their interactions to bring on the serious emotions between the involved characters. Mystery means nothing if I don’t delve into the story to create multiple possibilities towards the incident. If there isn’t more than one possible answer then how can that be a mystery?
  4. Answering all questions and concerns. These genres bring a lot of questions from readers as they move through the story and it’s my job as an author to provide answers for the questions the readers may have concerning each factor in the novel. Will he stay? Will she go? Who’s the killer? Where did the death take place? Why is the ghost there? How do they all meet? Oh! The questions go on and on!

Of course, I knew all this before I started writing and I was excited to take on the challenge. I finally sat down with all these factors needing answers in my mind but hit a brick wall. I wrote chapter one and now I’m stuck. I have too many ways this tale could go so now I have to sit back and figure out the correct direction. The ending isn’t clear to me at the current moment, but I do believe once I see the ending goal the words will jump from my fingers like magic! Until I get there I may be stuck with chapter one for a while.

2 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Move Past Chapter One?!

  1. It’s interesting how you are mixing those genres together. I could never write a mystery novel. For me, it involves too much thinking lol. All those details about the next big clue and making sure readers don’t figure it out too quickly. Good luck!


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