Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 25th birthday and I’ll get to celebrate by going out to dinner tonight! I will be going to the Cheesecake Factory, I do believe. I also am happy to say I finally sat down and started writing my next book. It’s very exciting because I truly believe my novel idea sounds amazing. Especially compared to my other novels. I don’t want to hate on myself, but that’s what I deserve. 

The Lyall Pack series was enjoyed by a lot of people, but I know it could have been so much better. Since I self-published those novels through Amazon Kindle I didn’t get all I could get. (I spoke about this in one of my earlier posts). But my plan for this next novel is to do serious digging into getting an editor and going through a serious publishing company! I’m biting my nails and bouncing off the walls!! I mean, look how many explanation points I used in only this paragraph! Ha ha!

The plan for my next novel will be to dedicate AT LEAST one hour every other day to my next novel. This time will be dedicated to anything from editing to designing the cover. Of course, if I do go through a publishing company I’m not sure how they will handle the cover. It will probably be all my responsibility if I want a decent looking design. Gah! My brain is going to explode with all this problem solving I’m about to take on. But it’s time to get serious about getting my name out there. 

I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my coming adventure through this blog and my Facebook page so follow this blog or follow me here: AuthorShelbyBoyde. And if you want more follows I promise to return the favor if you follow my blog I’ll follow yours and if you send me a link to your own Facebook page I’ll like your own page and share it with my friends! See? It’s a little way to advertise for myself and I’m willing to help others out, too. Aren’t I such a nice woman? It’s the tiny steps like this that will get our names out there.

Chasing my dreams one page at a time!

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