Distractions! Good vs. Bad

Last night I was talking to my husband about how guilty I’ve been feeling because I’ve been focusing on my art way more than my writing. (Check out my art here: ShelbyBoydeArt). Thankfully, he made a good point I wanted to address today. My art is only another step towards my dream career(s). I want to be an author. I have 3 books published. Check! I want to create art pieces to sell. Started my own art shop. Check! Both of these jobs are my dream and I’m taking them on. There’s no reason for me to feel guilty about focusing on one more than the other. Especially when I am in a slight limbo with where my next novel will be going.

With all that above, I wanted to address the matter more directly for my followers and other great people out there. I mean, distractions aren’t a factor for only authors like myself, right?

Good Distractions Could Be…

I feel a good distraction for any person would be anything that helps said person feel better. I was feeling down about not being able to get my mind straightened out with my next novel idea. I bounced around ideas, discussed possible scenes in the novel with others, and began researching bits and pieces of the topics to no avail. I was hitting wall after wall and it was beginning to anger me in the worst of ways. My scattered thoughts and anger were only minor factors stating I needed a distraction.

Yes, sometimes we need a distraction of any sort. All you have to do is let your thoughts go for a rest by maybe taking a break with friends. Go out for lunch and see a movie or maybe go for a walk with your cute puppy! (I have cats so walking is out of the question. They freaked whenever I tried to put a leash on them once…) Or you could do what I do and focus on another project. There’s always work to be done around the house. Sometimes I use the work as a reason to step away and give my thoughts some time to calm down. Nothing too difficult, right?

Taking on positive distractions could make you feel better and simply make time easier. And who knows? Maybe while you’re having fun with your friends they’ll say or do something to provide a solution to the wall you hit. Pretty cool!

Bad Distractions Could Be…

I would have to say a bad distraction would be anything you could let yourself become obsessed with. It could be a simple matter that doesn’t seem like a big deal until we let it become a problem. These bad obsessions could be something as simple as Facebook games.(Guilty!) At first it seemed like something fun to pass the time to only let our minds float away. It’s fun until we become obsessed with getting through the levels on Candy Crush. It is simple and allows your mind to turn to mush. But that’s the catch.

Some distractions could become an obsession because you HAVE to beat the next level before you can do anything else! If our distractions allow us to become so lost to everything else then we might forget any progress we once held with the original problem we stepped away from. The ideas once built up for the novel could have vanished because your frustrated self didn’t write them down, your motivation to finish putting together a new table died, or maybe the starting plans for your new business were thrown away because who cares anymore?

It’s never a good idea to allow your distractions to completely erase all chances of working more on your original matter. There’s a solution for everything out there but you can’t let yourself go to the bad distractions in everyday life. I mean, no one is perfect and from time to time we let these bad distractions take hold of us, but it’s also our job to know how to push these matters aside and get back to real life.

I know it’s hard to draw up in your mind what is a good and bad distraction for your own self. Everyone might have a long list of things they like to do when they reach struggles with their work and that’s okay. It’s my job as an author to know what I can do to relax my mind and take a break from the work I’m taking on. Do you know what works best for you? 

Take the time to allow yourself some fun and knock down some of your stress. You’ll never get the book done if you worry about the one scene for too long. It’s not the easiest struggle to take on, but you can do it! Just don’t get too distracted. Easy, right?!

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