All Authors Should Find A Muse

I can’t tell you how often I build up an idea only to hit a wall because I don’t know where I should carry the rest of the story. Or I have too many ideas and they’re clouding up the best action to take. There’s a chance a lot of people understand what I mean. It’s frustrating because a lot of the time we hit these walls and then walk away only to give up entirely. Creating and settling ideas is a major problem in my writing career.

I couldn’t and don’t want to imagine how many ideas I’ve let die because I couldn’t reach the solution. As an author, I was getting sick and tired of giving up. The problem continued on and on until it began to drive me insane. Then I started talking to my husband about what I was thinking and told him all about the wall I was stuck behind. Like a wrecking ball, he crashed down the wall blocking me by simply talking to me about it. All along I had my answers standing beside me.

It’s hard to think your creative mind will ever hit a wall, but I know you’re telling a lie if you say you’ve never let an idea bother you for meaningless hours on end. My tip is to find yourself a Muse. I’m not talking about the fancy mythology creatures dancing around in Fairy Tales. I’m talking about something in this day and age to become a Muse for you. I have a few people I talk to about my ideas to get things figured out. These people are what I consider to be my Muses. I would recommend all authors to find themselves a Muse to talk with about their problems. Before you start singing your ideas to another person, there are some things you should consider.

When you select a person to be your Muse you must trust said person. I mean you must fully believe they aren’t going to try and run off with your idea and make it their own. It’s sad to say, but some people would do this. You also need to be comfortable with the person you chose to speak with. Meaning this person is someone you have told almost everything to and they are still your close buddy. Those are the type of people I trust with hearing me out and being honest about their ideas or opinions on my own ideas. A Muse should be a person willing to work alongside their friend over any matter their friend is facing.

Although, a Muse doesn’t always need to be a person in this day and age. No, maybe a Muse for someone else is simply going out to the mall and walking around the noise and clutter. I don’t find that helpful to my thinking, but sometimes it works to observe the public for a sudden idea to be formed or straightened out. You might agree with me on not wanting to go to a  crowded area. It might be a better idea for you to settle yourself at your favorite coffee shop. Get your favorite drink and sit at a table with your notebook in wait for you to scribble down some ideas. Don’t like coffee? Go to the park and sit at a bench in the fresh air! Let nature clear your mind and see where it takes you. There are many locations to visit if you don’t feel like talking to a person.

In other words; you shouldn’t force yourself to hold all the weight on your own. It may not seem like a burden to most, but it is trying to hold all the chaotic thoughts inside your head without any way to organize them. It may be easier to talk it out, write it out, sit it out, or work it out. I can’t say what everyone’s solution will be when it comes to finding their own Muse.But I can say turning to those I trust to help me out has been a savior so many times! My tip as an author is to not be afraid to go elsewhere for help. I believe finding a Muse is a great way for an author to break down the walls holding them back.


This post wasn’t much today, but it was a thought I have been holding inside. I know I used to clutter a lot in my head. I think getting help can be good when you do it right.

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