Creating a Character

Creating a character is probably not the hardest part you will face when it comes to writing a novel. In fact, I always find making up the characters one of the more exciting factors! I can make a person hold the appearance I always dreamed I would have or I can make a nasty character similar to a person I may dislike. *Wink, wink*

When I started writing it seemed foolish to actually build up a profile for my characters. Especially since it was going to be only one book. As it turned out, my novel was the starting step towards my first series. Funny how things play out, huh?

Well, after the struggles I faced when it came to maintaining my characters’ personalities through the entire series I knew it was time to fix that. If you really want to make a story with some impact then I suggest you write up everything about your character. Don’t know where to start? Well, how about I share an example? I’ll use my own character I created to star in Curse Under The Moon. (Remember what I said in the last paragraph. I didn’t do this prior to this moment, so some details are actually unknown…shame on me!)

curse under the moon pic

Photography rights belong to:  Kimball Jay Photography

  • Name: Sally Newton
  • Age: n/a
  • General Physical Description: Young woman with pale skin and dark brown hair. Dark eyes and average in appearance. She wears mostly black and gives an off-setting personality through her tough appearance.
  • Hometown: n/a
  • Current Home City: n/a
  • Type of Home: She starts out the novel living by herself in her own apartment. Factors pull her away to end up living with other people. (There are some spoils I won’t share).
  • Relationship Status: She is single.
  • Family: She had a mother and father but her mother died when she was born and her father passed away prior to the novel.
  • Family Background: Nothing is shared in the novel about her family background other than the curse traveling through the women on her mother’s side. Everyone born on her mother’s side was born a female.
  • Friends: No friends until she meets Fenris and Tala Morgan.
  • Other Close Relationships: None.
  • Relationship with Men: She doesn’t like men because she thinks they all only want one thing. They also worry her because if she ends up falling for one it could make her plans backfire.
  • Relationship with Women: She doesn’t hate women but never makes a point to be their friends because she doesn’t want to become attached to anyone.
  • Job: Barista at Crescent Cafe.
  • Dress Style: Gothic or punk type. Depending how your views on the style go.
  • Religion and Attitude Towards: n/a
  • Favorite Pastimes: Being alone at her apartment.
  • Food: Eats little amounts of whatever she can afford on her own.
  • Strongest Positive Personality Trait: She is very quiet
  • Strongest Negative Personality Trait: She doesn’t want to get close to anyone and therefore tends to push people away.
  • Consideration for Others: She knows her curse is only going to kill if she allows her heart to open up to the wrong person or people. Therefore, she feels it is only kind to push them away.
  • How Others View Them: She’s obviously standoffish and not a lot of people know how to work with her.
  • Opinions of Themselves: She doesn’t think negatively of herself, but she doesn’t fully love herself either.
  • Most Important Thing to Know: She is carrying a family curse that has been around for over 200 years and her goal is to take the curse with her to the grave.
  • Why Will Readers Like/Dislike Character: I believe readers will like this character because she is a spunky woman with an attitude not seen every day. Even if she appears rough to most I think the readers will learn to love the woman hidden beneath the black.


So, did that little spit of a character profile make sense? I think this character sheet will be a lifesaver. I will always have the characters’ information on my computer so there will be little need to question how the people will act.

As I bring this post to a close I want to state that there are other factors not provided on my general character list you may want to consider adding to your own list. Your novel may contain other species, other worlds, or different levels of royalty. There are a lot of stories out there and there are many factors to consider when you create your characters. My guideline is only a recommendation on where to start. I know you can take the build and make it work for you. Good luck!

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